Versatile 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

CAMPAT Machine Tool, Inc. has introduced the Leadwell V-30iT CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC), an update on the Leadwell 5-axis VMC specifically designed for the manufacture of small multi-sided machine parts for the medical, aerospace and defense industries.

This new versatile V-30iT features an 8.07″ diameter integrated trunnion rotary table that holds a load of up to 77 lbs. from 0-45° degrees and 55 lbs. in the 60-90° degree range. The rotary tabletop surface is precision ground with .393″ (10mm) T-slots. The included standard flat worktable measures 11.8″ x 17.7″ and can be removed for any custom fixture required by the application.

“Our customers have specific needs in the North American marketplace,” said CAMPAT Product Manager Todd Lindemann. “Leadwell engineers design to our requirements to create an exceptional 5-axis vertical mill that has many features that we can offer our customers with no additional cost.”

“Leadwell uses well-ribbed cast iron construction,” said a company spokesperson. “The base casting of the new V-30iT is stronger and beefier than others in its class and is constructed for enhanced stability and machining accuracy. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used on each new casting design to determine the size and location of all internal ribs, ensuring high torsional stiffness resulting in minimal vibration. Along with this enhanced base is a taller column featuring a heavier bottom section for increased stability and rigidity. The increased column height ensures that taller parts can easily be machined on the rotary table clearance. The distance from the rotary tabletop to the spindle nose is 3.9 ~ 19.1 inches, and spindle center to column is 20 inches. The cast iron base, column and tables have excellent dampening properties resulting in superior cutting performance and accuracies.”

The V-30iT features rigid cross roller linear ways in X-, Y- and Z-axis. Travels are 31.5″ X-axis and 18.1″ Y-axis, combined with 15.2″ Z-axis travel above the rotary table surface. Rapids are 1,890 IPM in X- and Y-axis and 1,417 IPM in the Zaxis. The XYZ axes are driven by 12.8 HP FANUC Alpha A/C brushless motors.

“The rigid base and column working in concert with these roller guides provide increased stability for precision milling, heavy material removal and workpiece accuracy,” said the spokesperson. “Accurate movements are handled with premium quality pre-tensioned double nut ground ball screws on the X-, Y- and Z-axis.”

The V-30iT utilizes a heavy-duty FANUC a8i AC digital spindle motor that produces 40 to 12,000 RPM. This dual-contact type spindle utilizes precision angular contact bearings and produces 20 HP with 71 ft/lbs. at 1,500 RPM, helping to ensure consistent clean cuts. A spindle chiller is a standard feature. An optional 15,000 RPM spindle is also offered. The one-piece cartridge type spindles are built with high precision ceramic bearings and help ensure precise alignment for smooth, quiet operation. The V-30iT features CAT-40 dual contact spindle tapers with BT-40 offered as an option.

All of Leadwell’s products are standardized with FANUC controls. The V-30iT features the latest FANUC OiMF control with a 10.4″ color LCD display with USB, handheld remote MPG hand wheel and 20 block look ahead as standard. Options include a AICC II look ahead with 200 blocks and a FANUC high speed machining package (AICC II, Jerk Control and Nano Smoothing) including up t o 400 b lock look ahead.

In the standard configuration, the V-30iT is equipped with a high-speed 24 tool swing arm style random access/bi-directional automatic tool changer with a maximum tool diameter of 3.2″ or 4.3″ without adjacent tools. A #40 taper, 30 tool ATC magazine is optional. Tool-to-tool time is 1.8 seconds, and chip-to-chip time is 4 seconds.

Leadwell’s chip evacuation design incorporates a high volume surrounding base wash for easy chip disposal dumping to a front single side lift auger for removal to the outside. This machine is finished off with full enclosure guarding and a complete flat back design. High pressure coolant through the tool is an option that can easily be added in the field.

Leadwell uses stringent ball bar testing systems to check linear accuracy and machine geometry. “These tests insure that each machine meets the highest 3-D squareness and accuracy requirements. The machine is also laser calibrated for full travel accuracy,” said the spokesperson.

CAMPAT Machine Tools Inc. is the importer and distributor of Leadwell products for the U.S.