CAMPAT Machine Tool, Inc. Introduces The Leadwell LTC-208 & LTC-210 Series Turning Centers To The Precision Metal Cutting Marketplace

Plano, Texas – CAMPAT Machine Tool, Inc. introduces the Leadwell LTC-208 and LTC-210 CNC Turning Centers to the precision parts manufacturing marketplace. In the price/performance lathe product category the Leadwell LTC line-up has always been the industry leader. LTC lathes are rugged in construction, flexible in design, and precise in manufacture. As an extension to this time tested Leadwell line, the LTC-208 & 210 are the latest models to offer users advanced engineering and outstanding performance, but at an exceptional value package.

Both lathes feature a rigid one-piece cast iron 30 Degree Slant bed construction with box ways. These multitasking lathes have a robust structural design that is ideal for heavy machining. The slant bed design provides maximum rigidity and is designed for high production environments to help users increase profitability by increasing productivity.

Fanuc controls are a Leadwell standard. The LTC-208 and LTC-210 feature the Fanuc OiMate-TD Control.

The LTC-208 and 210 offer a maximum turning diameter of 14.96 inches with a max turning length of 19.7 inches. Both lathes feature a maximum work swing of 19.7 inches and a swing-over cross slide maximum of 12.7 inches. The maximum weight of the work piece tops out at 485 pounds without the use of the tailstock. Made with a heavy-duty casting, a rugged tailstock is standard on both the 208 and 210 models. The quill drive adjustment is hydraulic, with a 2.95 inch stroke and a large 2.95 inch diameter incorporating a MT #4 quill taper. The quill stroke is controlled programmable.

Both lathes feature Fanuc A/C 20Hp spindle motors with max 25 horsepower with spindle torque of 140 ft-lbs @ 750 rpm ensuring consistent clean cuts, thus, reducing chatter and increasing accuracy and tool life. The LTC headstock is a thermally symmetric design with heat dissipating fins. This design prevents thermal distortion during long machining cycles.

The LTC-208 is manufactured with a 35 ~ 4,000 rpm spindle speed range, a spindle bore of 2.99 inches and sports an A2-6 spindle nose. It is equipped with a 3-jaw power chuck with a diameter of 8 inches and a bar capacity of 2.59 inches.

The LTC-210 has a 35 ~ 3,500 rpm spindle speed range, a spindle bore of 3.5 inches and sports an A2-8 spindle nose. It is equipped with a 3-jaw power chuck with a diameter of 10 inches and a bar capacity of 3.0 inches.

Pre-tensioned ball screws on all Leadwell lathes are accurately aligned parallel to the box ways and guide ways for the highest accuracy. They are also anchored at both ends for extra rigidity. The ball screws are then stretched to apply tensioning for maximum stiffness and reduced thermal growth. Both the X and Z axis double-nut ball screws are 1.26” in diameter. The accuracies are impressive, with X/Z positioning of +/-0.0002” and X/Z repeatability of +/-0.0001”. The X-axis travel is 8.27 inches with the Z-axis travel at 21.3 inches.

The heavy duty 12 tool station turret has a robust casting and is Servo driven for rotation accuracy. Tooling capacity is 1.5 inches for round and 1.0 inches for square. Turret clamping is of the hydraulic two-piece Curvic coupling type. Both the LTC-208 & 210 is also available with a full C Axis and a BMT 55 “live tool” turret for multi-axis production capable with 12 live stations.

Both machines come in at a weight of 8,500 lbs. with a compact footprint of 101”L x 62.5”W x 62.5”H.

Inspired by CAMPAT Machine Tool (Plano, TX), these new LTC lathe models were specifically designed for the U.S. marketplace for the requirements of today’s manufacturers. “Leadwell management has done an exceptional job building just what we need in the North American precision metal-cutting marketplace. They are high-quality, American specified products that have many value added features that we can offer our customer base at no additional cost”, noted Joe Tomalonis, President of CAMPAT.

CAMPAT Machine Tools Inc., headquartered in Plano Texas, is a machine tool dealer as well as the importer and distributor of Leadwell products for North America.